Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Road”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “The Road”

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Claude Monet has the ability to write completely realistic pictures, while using clear and focused lines. Thanks to the special technique of applying paints to the canvas, the picture becomes voluminous and real.

The road to Chailly passes through the autumn forest, which is bathed in the sparkling rays of the golden sun. A soft and welcoming autumn has already come to this forest and left traces in the form of yellowed, but at the same time golden and festive leaves. The sun brightly touches the tops of the tree, leaves and the road, which leads to a brighter future. Looking at this picture creates a wonderful mood, peace and warmth in the soul. Despite the sad moments that leave a sediment from the passing summer, still the picture is warm and calm.

An interesting combination of shades of colors that are muted and soft. The artist uses warm brown, greenish shades diluted with soft yellowness. In the picture, you can see fresh greens in the right corner, adding freshness to the landscape. Despite the fact that gray shades prevail in the sky, warmth and a wonderful, light mood still remain. The picture more likely symbolizes a reminder of the passing summer, and the fact that you need to use every moment and enjoy the calm before the onset of cold weather.

This painting was created on the basis of reproductions of Breakfast on the Grass, and has become the embodiment of warmth and light that attracts a person. It is interesting that the picture attracts with freshness and, as it were, calls to leave the city bustle and plunge into the atmosphere of peace. Looking at such a picture, I want to take a walk and be alone with my thoughts, secret desires. The most important thing is that work breathes lightness, positive thoughts, a desire to take a walk through a beautiful forest rather quickly, a road that leads to an interesting and beautiful beginning.

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