Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Carrying the Cross”

Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “Carrying the Cross”

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The carrying of the cross is one of Raphael's most tragic works. It conveys not only the moment of their life of Christ described in religious sources, but also human emotions, which the author so carefully conveyed. A feeling of grief, helplessness, anxiety and compassion are read in the eyes of the Maidens on the right side of the canvas.

In the center of the picture is Jesus Christ in a crown of thorns, shedding tears and experiencing incredible torment. Exhausted, he fell to the ground under the weight of the cross, after which he informs the Holy Virgin that Jerusalem will soon fall. After this, Christ looks back at the mother, who helplessly puts her hands in the direction of his beloved Son, grieving for His fate. Virgin Mary, despite enormous suffering, tries to keep courageously, but does not hide her grief. This moment should be an example for every Christian who must experience the torment of his Savior as much as the Holy Virgin Mary.

This picture was painted in a style unusual for Raphael. Firstly, the heroes of the picture occupy solemn, almost theatrical poses, and the main events fit not only into the canvas format, but also go beyond it. The color palette of the work is quite saturated, it is dominated by dark shades in a duet with red. This technique helps the artist convey the tragedy of the events that take place, emphasize the tension and suffering that empathize with Christ. Along with this, the tormentors of Jesus Christ are depicted even more expressively, which emphasizes their rudeness and deceit. The extreme conditions of the human soul, such as grief, helplessness, empathy and a burden erected on the shoulders of an innocent - all this was conveyed by Raphael in one of the most popular paintings.

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