Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Volga near the Zhiguli Mountains"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Painted in oil on canvas in 1887. It is stored in the National Museum “Kiev Art Gallery”, Kiev, Ukraine.

The Great River, with its unique landscapes, inspired the creation of paintings by several prominent artists. In 1870, I. E. Repin wrote sketches for the famous “Burlakov on the Volga” in the coastal village of Shiryaevo, together with him were a graphic artist E. K. Makarov and a landscape painter F. A. Vasiliev who created “View on the Volga. Barks "in the same year. Aivazovsky traveled through the expanses of water on a ship in the mid-80s. XIX century A few years later, he showed his vision in this work of art.

A modern picture appears before a modern viewer, which at that time was quite familiar. In the foreground is a scene of a raft rafting, when logs held together are transported through water. Workers-raftsmen rest on the resulting wooden raft on a site with a calm course. On both sides of them, at a higher speed, two steamboats with imperial flags cut the calm expanse of water. If you look closely at the right bank of the river, you will notice a group of people - these are hacks that pull a ship going into shallow water.

A magnificent perspective of the right bank, going into the haze, saturated with the sun tending to the west - these are the Zhiguli mountains of the Russian Plain, which today are territorially related to the Samara region. From their side, evening shadows begin to fall, coloring the river floodplain with dark green, swamp and brownish. But most of it is still bathed in soft diffused light, which is reflected in the water from the shining yellowish-orange, pinkish sky in light clouds. Only from the upper left edge a bluish-green night sneaks up imperceptibly. In a colorful and very summer landscape, the master managed to convey the peace and grandeur of nature in the coming sunset.

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