Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Azure Grotto. Naples"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Azure Grotto. Naples

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Painted in 1841, canvas and oil were used, size - 74 per 100 cm. Presented at the Donetsk Regional Art Museum, Donetsk, Ukraine.

In 1840, Ivan Konstantinovich went on a big trip to European countries. And he spent a long time in Italy, especially in the south - in Sorrento. This trip greatly influenced the young artist, who was a success with critics and buyers. As a result, he painted many paintings that contained not just the background, but the main component of natural sea landscapes.

Today, the miracle of nature depicted is better known as the Blue Grotto, located off the northern coast of the Italian island of Capri (Naples province) and enjoys unprecedented popularity among tourists from all over the world. You can get into it only by water through a narrow passage from the sea. Seeing this picture, you can guess that for so many years that have passed since its inception, little has changed. But in the first half of the XIX century. travelers were not so often sent to the sea cave, although it was known about it from the first decades of our era.

The luxurious blue color of water is explained by the fact that light, refracting and penetrating the cave through only two holes (the underwater is larger), loses all the red rays of the spectrum. The natural splendor intrigued the author, and he decided to try to convey the beauty of this place in a romantic landscape. The sea is calm, but not homogeneous, glare from the entrance disperses along its surface, reflections from uneven arches play, sapphire and cobalt shadows mysteriously lie. The texture of the stone walls with all the hollows is described in detail, along which, gradually fading, the bright, yellow-orange sunlight shines first, turning into lilac and dark blue. People against this background look scared and insignificant, but put the right emphasis and show the scale of the grotto.

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