Description of the painting by Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko "Askold's Grave"

Description of the painting by Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko

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Askold's grave is a place shrouded in a halo of secrets and mysteries. In addition to the fact that the area is a monument of historical architecture, it is considered sacred and mystical among local residents. Taras Shevchenko dreamed of capturing on a sheet all the places of his native land, evoking his warm feelings and love. Askold's grave belongs to one of these places.

One of the main elements of the image is a large round church, painted in bright colors and built in the Empire style. In the basement of this building there is an old tomb, in which the bodies of Prince Askold and his brother Deere, defeated by Prince Oleg, rest. Near the temple is a cemetery in which the bodies of the Kiev aristocracy are buried.

A large tree, located to the left of the temple, attracts its attention thanks to clearly drawn darkened branches. The tree is considered holy among the locals, which is probably why the artist depicted it so clear and expressive. A wicker fence goes around a tree trunk and goes into the distance, into a simple countryside that is no longer visible to the viewer.

The figures of people are also present on the canvas: for example, two men come out of the alley, the clear silhouette of the wanderer is drawn with a bag on his back and a stick on which he rests. In the lower right corner is a girl carrying water. For Taras Shevchenko, the image of the life of a common people has become one of the main aspects of creativity.

Watercolor, which is the main material of the image, has a whole palette of shades, but in general the image is drawn in calm colors. The skillful use of light and shadow in the image gives the image depth, space and saturation. The choice of such a delicate color palette conveys the reverent love of the artist and poet to the homeland and admiration for its beauty.

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