Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich "Song of Shambhala"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich

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Before us is a picture of Nicholas Roerich, painted in the late period of the artist. The work is included in the collection of paintings dedicated to the Himalayas. Roerich personally observed these mountain landscapes during an expedition to the East.

The mountains depicted in the picture are eye-catching. Striking a variety of colors that used Nicholas Roerich. All colors are slightly muffled, but still they are bright and saturated, they convey the inner world of the artist. This riot of color - this is the same song that played in the artist’s soul when he saw these mountains with his own eyes.

In the foreground is a hillside. It was already dark and sunlight ceased to illuminate this part of the mountain range. The mountains are shown either buffy or blue-black. Thanks to the constant refraction of the lines, the feeling is created that the mountains cut through each other. They seem to merge, grow together, forming bizarre shapes.

And then the fog. He covers a modest plain, which is clearly knocked out of the texture of the rocky mountains. The artist does not pay much attention to this valley. The main thing is the snow-white mountains ahead. They, like snow giants, grow in the depths of the picture. And around - a crimson sunset, framing dangerous, but such majestic rocks.

On the mountain, which is closest to us, a human figure is drawn. This is a man or a young guy. He is wearing traditional red clothes and a hat. He sits alone at the very top of a low mountain and sings. It was obviously very difficult for him to climb so high into the mountains. But he does not complain. His whole life is devoted to these mountains. But he does not serve the gods; he devoted his soul to the search for truth. His gaze is fixed in the distance, far above the horizon. He praises the beauty of Shambhala. A man, like Roerich, wants to know the secret of a lost state.

Roerich and his family spent many years in the mountains of India, China, Tibet, Mongolia. And he did not miss a single opportunity to paint a picture glorifying the beauty of those mountain ranges.

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