Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich Female torso

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich Female torso

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The painting was created by Kazimir Malevich in the 1930s. past century. The unusual work was done on plywood, in oil, in a manner of Suprematism practically unknown to the modern viewer.

As one of the many areas of abstract art, Malevich’s innovative invention has been widespread since the 20s of the last century. After the 1917 revolution, classical traditions in any form of creativity were recognized obsolete, outdated. A new brainchild of the subversive of familiar painting arose on the wave of universal determination to build a completely different artistic world.

At first glance, the picture is perceived as a portrait: against the background of colored stripes of various widths and densities, the artist presents a certain figure that resembles a person in shape. However, in full accordance with the laws of Suprematism, this figure is not a portrait in a certain sense, but a certain scheme, an image through not smooth, natural lines, but geometric figures. The audience is likely to recall the design of a mannequin, or an ordinary blank for further artistic transformation, than a finished work of art.

Formally, this work can be considered a portrait, but the viewer does not observe any facial features, nor clothing, or hairstyles of the character. Moreover, without the author’s title, which designated the canvas as an image of a woman’s torso, it’s impossible to figure out who is “encrypted” in this collection of color spots.

However, the picture is fully consistent with Malevich’s renewed worldview, when the artist moved away from Cubism and gradually developed a new formula of creativity, which was embodied in the presented work. According to the developed theory, the viewer should see a certain “half-image” in the images. The habitat of such a creature is a different world invented by the painter, in a different reality of infinite space.

But if you get acquainted with other works of the artist-innovator, created at the same time as the picture presented, then “Female Torso” can really be mistaken for a portrait. The image only hints at the possible external data of the lady, leaving the viewer a wide field of speculation and speculation, providing a unique opportunity to mentally finish the work of the great compatriot.

The unusual work of one of the most popular Russian artists is kept in the collection of the State Russian Museum.

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