Description of the painting Fyodor Rokotov Portrait of Ekaterina Nikolaevna Orlova

Description of the painting Fyodor Rokotov Portrait of Ekaterina Nikolaevna Orlova

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Among the unique beauty and craftsmanship of female images, the image of Ekaterina Nikolaevna Orlova, belonging to the brush of Fedor Rokotov, takes not the last place. The artist became famous, among other things, for his inimitable ability to paint an intimate portrait of a character, subtly notice his psychology, show deeply hidden and carefully hidden experiences and an elusive change of emotions. The picture was made in 1779, in the rococo style, on canvas, oil.

The artist, together with D. Levitsky and V. Borovikovsky, composed a triad of genuine geniuses in portraiture at the end of the 18th century.

The young beauty, looking from the canvas, lived a very short life - she was released a little more than 20 years of earthly stay. The story of her life can be the plot for a sentimental novel.

The pleasant, pretty face of the young beauty slightly spoils her eyes: tense, focused, as if directed into the space behind the audience. A slightly raised eyebrow tells Ekaterina Nikolaevna some arrogance, which smoothes a subtle smile through her tightly closed lips.

A tall, densely powdered, fashionable wig opens a high forehead. The soft half-girl-half-female oval of the face does not spoil the pointed chin at all. White was applied according to court etiquette, on the cheeks - a noticeable blush, which is somewhat alarming if you know about the imminent illness and the untimely death of Orlova. In all the guise of a young lady one feels some carefully concealed sad secret, sadness and at the same time an attempt to hide spiritual restlessness from immodest prying eyes.

A noble lady is dressed appropriately for her status in a snow-white dress made of thin satin. Behind her is a ermine mantle, emphasizing the high position of the state lady of Her Majesty the Empress of All Russia. A red sash is fastened over his shoulder - a testimony of the Order of St. Empress granted by the Empress Catherine.

The award is fixed on the right side of the chest, while the artist reproduced the smallest details as accurately as possible: a portrait of the empress in a golden oval, each gem in his frame. Amazingly admires and masterfully depicted lace in the decoration of maid of honor maid of honor. For such an embodiment of the material, masterly mastery of the brush and filigree ability to apply paint to the canvas are required.

The canvas of amazing beauty in its embodiment and the character represented on it is stored in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

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